Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ode to the Internet

I really love the internet.  You can Google 'bug that looks like flying shrimp'--and find this site & all you need to know to identify a bug in your that looks like a shrimp with wings.  Really helpful when your kids ask you, "What's that bug?"  I also 'shop' online.  Sometimes I actually buy, but mostly I browse.  Saves me because we don't have a wide selection of stores in our area (I wouldn't find this around here!), and I have monkey children.  I don't enjoy pulling them out from under racks or down off of displays.   And ahhhh....the blogs.  I can start the morning getting photography tips, projects & inspiration--end up with a hairstyle tutorial and eventually lose myself in a wonderfully emotional story of adoption.  Not to mention all the home design ideas.  Better than a million stacks of magazines!  And lastly (or at least the last thing I'm talking about this morning), you can connect with others.  See pics of a new niece on Facebook.  Or better yet, you can get inspired to connect with those right there close to you, be more present in your own life, and even jump into some pictures and embrace the camera

Me and my CurlyQ stepping out in our Chucks
 And sometimes you have to know when to put the internet aside--and get back into your life!


Jamie said...

great picture idea! I think i might have to copy.

Jenni Lynn said...

love this!

katie said...

Amen to that! Great shot!

jane said...

oh man. Fab-u-lous