Friday, September 9, 2011


 Yesterday my son lost his 'lovie.'  He was always one of those kids, clutching something at bedtime.  I worried.  I thought it was some sort of insecurity, something I had failed to give him as a parent.  But, of course, like so many of those parental fears, he's outgrown it.  Oh, I mean, the worst of it!  He's almost 11 now, and yes, he still has a lovie.  But, now it's a cute little 'quirk' instead of a worrisome 'condition.'  Oddly enough, my girls don't seem to have the attachment to things that he has, and I worry that they are lacking something, too.  Funny how parenting is.

Unfortunately, I had one of those weeks where I wished I had a little lovie--something that could bring comfort just by it's sight or presence.  I've been down on myself in a big way, and luckily, it turns out I do have not one--but four!--lovies.  My little lovies don't care if I make mistakes, say the wrong thing, put on weight or harp on myself.  They have that awesome, non-judgemental, unconditional love that we all aspire to receive and hope to give.  So, when I'm feeling bad, I'm awfully lucky that I have a choice of children to pick up and hug.  And then, I feel better.

An extensive search party discovered more than one lovie this week :)

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