Saturday, September 3, 2011

Learning things the Hard way

I was nervous to link up with another blog in my last post.  I've only written a few of these so far and I feel a bit awkward about it.  I figured I'd reassess things after a week and see if this was worth my time to write or anybody else's to read.  The plus side is that I am reflecting more on my life, what I do and ought to do, what is important to me, and even having Oprah-style 'aha moments' about parts of myself.  I'd say that is worth it.  To ME.  But, what I'd really like is to make a difference somewhere else.  Sure, I'm the mom & the wife, and all the fun and important things that go with those roles.   But being at home feels like an island sometimes.  Alternately a safe haven and a prison...but all in all a very blessed island.  We are healthy and fed, and I wonder how we can use what we have to make other peoples lives better.  Little things, I know, can make a huge difference.  It just starts with a step...and this week I'm challenging myself to make one.

In other news, we found this awesome grasshopper on our way into the house the other day.

We tried to make friends....

But really, he just couldn't respect my personal space :)

Unfortunately, right after my daughter snapped this, our new friend hopped over to meet her, too.  She screamed and...dropped the cameraOn the driveway.  Ouch.  Seems like the darn camera survived...though parts of me were looking for the opportunity to upgrade ;)  Not yet.

Note to self, be more cautious when around kids, bugs and cameras.

More information about grasshoppers here

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