Monday, September 19, 2011


I took out the trash this morning and walked into an incredibly awesome morning.  I was a little confused, though, had we had this great weather all weekend?  Crisp, sunny, just a hint of fall...yes, I think we did.  Of course, when you have a sick child and are administering medicine, washing sheets, moving around the 'just in case' bowl, and attempting to deal with all the other family needs, you don't necessarily register the beautiful light coming through the windows.  Something about the lack of sleep, I guess.

Aside from brushing up on my bedside manner, I have also been fighting valiantly against clutter.  An unending battle, I know.  But, I feel I've made some major headway!  I sacrificed my dining room at the beginning of the summer...I let the cream colored dishes arranged in my hutch fall to stacks of coloring books, baskets of crayons and jars of marbles and glitter.  It was a little sad for me.  We've recently renovated our home, and a dining room was something I'd never had before.  I envisioned something pretty, like a picture from a magazine.  Things were coming together--I found some affordable drapes and came across artwork in the attic that fit perfectly on one wall.  But, pretty thought it was, the room alternated between unused and empty and a magnet for laundry, paperwork and clutter.

I decided to try something different.  But, try as I may, I couldn't find any internet inspiration for a dining room makeover involving art and craft supplies...though I feel one is out there.   Now that school is back in session, I'm letting the rest of the dining room fall.  One corner now houses calenders and paperwork.  And I'm working on new artwork for the walls...more kids than Klimt. 

Someday, I'll get to reinvent the room again.  But, I'm pretty sure I'm on the right track for now.  And, at some point I think we'll get to enjoy this great verge of fall weather.  My sick one is right now administering to her 'sick' little sisters.  I'm pretty sure they are just playing...

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