Sunday, August 28, 2011

Too Many Tomatoes

We spent the better part of the weekend dealing with our tomato issue--there are way too many of them.  For a few weeks now, we've been making sauce and bruscetta, serving them as a salad and on their own, and yet the tomatoes have been slowly gaining on us.  We have now officially gone from the happy anticipation to the painful agony that always seems to happen with our gardening...and I look back to the spring when someone's seed pack was bigger than his freezer.

Of course, I should have such problems!  We could be worrying where our next meal might come from instead of how to deal with the bounty of our labors, so I try to count my blessings.  The fact is, it brings us together for a common purpose--family members in the garden gathering and in the kitchen prepping, talking, and laughing.  I hope our children will remember these times with warm affection.

We also dealt with the less cumbersome tasks of tasting our first crop of raspberries,  cooking up a second garden helping of broccoli and making sure the watermelon was still sweet.  It sure was.  But it also still had seeds...something else to try and remember when checking out all those seeds in the spring.  Ah spring, when I find myself dealing with the more leisurely issue of too many peonies.  As if there could ever be too many of those.

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