Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Forest for the Trees

Sometimes I have a little difficulty focusing.  I remember a teacher saying something like this about me when I was in first grade, and whether or not it was a self fulfilling prophecy or just a very insightful teacher we'll never know.  But, when trying to accomplish something, I often find myself completely off the mark.  I was trying to clean up the kitchen this morning, and three different times I found myself lost in other tasks.  Folding the laundry.  Picking up blocks.  Reading the paper.  And then, I'd happen to look into the kitchen and remember.  Oh yeah!  Those darn dishes!  How silly of me...and head back into the mess.  It's really annoying.  And when I try to do bigger things, like a birthday party, for instance, it's ten times worse.  I'm trying to simultaneously make the cake, the dinner, decorations and cards, all with a troupe of children and barking dogs in the mix.  It's nuts.  And I love to do this stuff, I do!  Yet I find myself leaving everything for the last minute and lost in a stressed out mess.  I'm so exhausted that I begin to wonder what the heck I'm doing...usually because I've taken on a project in the garage and then have to drag myself back into the house.  I don't know if I've got unrealistic expectations or poor execution...or just an inability to be present?  I'm constantly trying to hold myself in the NOW.  Maybe that's why I take so many that at least I have something to look back on when I miss it all the first time.

These hats were a fun project and great for kids...just work on them ahead of time.

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